Why You Should Use Glass Privacy Screens In Your Garden

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Why You Should Use Glass Privacy Screens In Your Garden

26 December 2017
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Privacy screens are perfect when you want to relax in your garden without any obstructions. You just have to select the perfect spot and then place a privacy screen around you. When shopping for privacy screens, you will come across numerous options. Some of the materials used include glass, plastic or heavy fabric. Below are some of the reasons why you should use glass privacy screens in your garden.

Cheap to maintain

Glass privacy covers are easy to maintain. This is because they are very difficult to stain, which is perfect if you are planning to have barbeques in your garden. In case of any stains, it is easy to clean the glass surface with water and some soap. Additionally, glass does not wear out over time, unlike fabrics. Your privacy screen can, therefore, be used for a long time without any difference in its appearance.

Variety of designs

Many designs can be made on glass surfaces. As such, if you are looking for something that is tasteful and unique, your best choice would be to buy glass privacy screens. Apart from the designs that are already on the market, you can get an expert to paint the glass privacy screen or add inscriptions that you like. You can also decide to undertake this as a DIY project.

One-way glass enables you to view the surroundings

Although privacy screens hide you from your surroundings, at times it is better to also have a view of what is happening around you. You might be relaxing and fail to see guests driving up to your door. This problem can be sorted by using one-way glass screens. These prevent people from seeing you, but allow you to see what is happening on the other side of the screen. When purchasing a screen, do not assume that all shaded glass privacy covers offer the one-way feature. Ask for assistance from an expert to ensure that you get the right screens.

Noise reduction

Glass is heavier than fabrics, and this reduces the amount of noise to the rest of the surrounding. Can you discuss personal matters or sensitive matters when using glass privacy screens? The answer is yes. The glass limits the amount of noise that escapes to the rest of the garden, making it an ideal place to talk about personal issues without worrying that someone will overhear you. You can also play music at a moderate volume and it will not distract people who are in the house.