Choosing the Right Type and Style of Awnings for Your Home

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Choosing the Right Type and Style of Awnings for Your Home

28 December 2017
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Awnings for a home can make the backyard or side yard area more comfortable and relaxing, and provide some needed shade inside the home as well. Awnings are also a good way to give the home's exterior a nice pop of style, as they can add some contrast along an exterior wall and break up the look of boring windows with small trim. When you start to shop for awnings, you may notice more choices in style and materials than you expected, so note a few tips on how to find the perfect options for your home. 

Temperature insulation

If you're looking to have some insulation on your deck or patio space, note that metal may not be the right choice. Metal holds and conducts both heat and cold, so it may not keep cold weather away from your seating area, or deflect hot summertime sun. A canvas awning can provide something of a blanket over you during colder weather, so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when temperature dip, while also allowing fresh air to circulate, keeping your comfortable during hot summer months.

Vinyl awnings can also add insulation, but won't allow as much fresh air to circulate, so the area under the awning can actually get too hot and stuff during very warm weather. A glass awning can also work better at keeping heat and cold away from your deck or patio, since glass won't conduct heat and cold, as does metal.


If you live in an area with lots of rainfall, note that canvas awnings may allow that rainwater to drip through its surface, so they don't provide as much protection if you like to sit outside when it's raining. Metal and glass provide more protection, but steel is prone to rust and would need consistent checking for corrosion, along with sanding and other repair work. Aluminium doesn't rust, and vinyl awnings also keep out rain while being virtually maintenance free.


Awnings with scalloped trim are very traditional and can break up the look of long lengths of siding.  Glass has a much less obtrusive look and can create a modern style for your home's exterior space, but may seem too modern on a brick exterior. If you need a compromise between modern and traditional, opt for a canvas awning with a square trim, in a solid colour that complements your home's exterior colour, for something less obtrusive than metal but not as modern as a glass awning.