Tips for Decorating a Very Large Living Area

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Tips for Decorating a Very Large Living Area

28 December 2017
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A large living or family room can be great to have in the home, if you have a large family or often entertain friends. However, this large space can also tend to look a bit empty, if you don't know how to decorate it and add the right type of furniture. To ensure you create a space that you and your family and friends are sure to love, note a few tips for decorating a very large living area in your home.


Floor plants can be a good choice in a large living space, as larger plants can fill in "dead" corners while also adding height and width to the space. Opt for plants that fill out and which are somewhat wide, such as palm plants or arboricola. A towering ficus can also add some greenery and depth to your large living space.

Window treatments

Blinds, shades, and shutters are good for smaller spaces, but may seem out of place in a large room. Curtains can add depth to the space, and you might even layer the window treatments, adding sheers behind the curtains or putting curtains over the window blinds. This will help fill out the area around the windows and make the window treatments seem more proportionate to the room.


If you cannot find a piece of art that is large enough to fit a long wall in your oversized room, opt for lots of smaller pictures, mixing and matching the size and shape of the picture frames, and then grouping them close together on the wall. This can fill up that space without overwhelming the room.

Room divider

If you want to anchor a seating area and provide separation between other areas of the room, opt for a room divider. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf installed in an L-shape, jutting out from the wall, can give you room for storage, while also providing that separation. For something lighter, you might have silk screens installed as a divider, or even a ledge on which you can add a few plants and decorative knickknacks, to break up that long length of a room.


A good choice for any large space is a modular lounge, rather than individual sofas and chairs. The modular pieces can be pushed together so that there is no gap between them, and this can help to cut off that long and large space. A modular lounge in an L-shape can also cover two walls, not just one, so that the piece seems more proportionate to the large room.