The choice is clear: Selecting your shower screen

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The choice is clear: Selecting your shower screen

3 January 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Your home is your most important asset, and renovating your bathroom is a surefire way to give your home a fresh face and a boost in value. The options for overhauling this important room are countless, and one overlooked but essential element of any bathroom is the humble bathroom screen.

Interior designers know that intelligent use of a shower screen can transform a bathroom from bland to fabulous, and glass enclosures are top of the list in today's designer bathrooms. But you don't need a career in design to choose the perfect screen for your bathroom. It all comes down to your personal style.

The bathroom is the most intimate space in your home, and updating its look is as much about your comfort as it is about the room's appearance. While some feel perfectly comfortable showering behind a clear glass screen, other homeowners are choosing from countless alternative glass finishes to find a natural fit for their home and family.

Take a look at the options and find your perfect fit.

  • Clear glass: The classic clear glass screen is not only popular because of the majestic expanse of glass it offers but because it blends well with the style of any existing bathroom and, in being completely transparent, it takes no visual space. If you opt for this popular style, think carefully about your hardware. Handles and other fixtures will be twice as noticeable against clear glass, so stick with crisp and simple features to avoid overwhelming the design of the room.

  • Tinted glass: A slightly less revealing option is a shower screen in coloured glass, and whatever your existing decor you're likely to find a colour to suit your bathroom. Tinted shower screens are available in many colours, from subtle and natural pale mint greens and light sky blues, to vivid, beachy navys and masculine, smoky tones of beige, grey and black.

  • Frosted glass. A light frosting on your shower screen is another great option offering increased privacy. Frosted screens come in a range of opacities and colours. They will allow light to flow around the room but will reduce the visual space available. A great option is to use a frosted privacy panel to obscure the centre of the glass, while clear glass at the top and bottom of the screen fosters that ever-important light and space in the room. Frosting can also be applied in stripes and other patterns, to add interest to your bathroom.

  • Textured glass: The option best suited to the privacy-conscious, textured shower screens greatly obscure the bather, while still allowing some light to flow around the room. A carefully chosen texture can create a unique and inviting feature in your bathroom. Textured screens blend best with neutral tiles and surfaces.

A well chosen shower screen will play a key part in your bathroom renovation, updating your decor and adding an element of your personal style to the space. Whatever your taste, there's a shower screen to suit your personality and the look and feel of your home.