Why Lilies Are the Perfect Choice for Any Occasion

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Why Lilies Are the Perfect Choice for Any Occasion

5 January 2018
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From the classic white Calla Lily to blushing pink oriental varieties and even the exotic Tiger Lily, the funnel-shaped lily is admired for its beauty, fragrance, longevity and its ability to reflect a range of emotions suitable for many occasions.

History traces the lily back to ancient Crete, where the flower was so admired it was thought to have sprouted from the milk of the queen of the gods, Hera. In 19th century Victorian England, the lily became associated with the resurrection of Christ during Easter celebrations. It can often be seen beside the Virgin Mary in paintings of that time, portraying virginity and purity.

Still rich in history and symbolism today, the lily is valued by a host of cultures worldwide. It is a flower used for weddings and Valentine's Day, as a 30th anniversary gift, as a symbol of hope at funerals, as a token of purity in many religions, and even as a culinary treat in some Asian and Native American cultures.

When an occasion demands perfection, lilies are a classic choice. But the beauty of all flowers lies in their impermanence and fragility, and lily delivery must be done with care and professionalism to ensure these gorgeous blooms arrive looking as if they have just been plucked from a dewy meadow. Delivering lilies requires strategic choice of individual flowers, fine attention to detail in arranging each bloom, and timely professionalism in harvesting and dispatching these flowers to their final destination.

Whether you intend to use lilies as a surprise gift, to elevate the decor at a celebration or as a finely crafted reminder of impermanence on a solemn occasion, your flowers must arrive in perfect condition. When sent to a friend, colleague or romantic partner, professionally delivered lilies will arrive beautifully arranged and packaged with a personal note and pre-packaged flower food to ensure their longevity. When larger bouquets are required for an event, a great florist will ensure that lily delivery is not only timely but also arranged to perfection as well.

The lily is the perfect choice when celebrating a happy occasion or commemorating a solemn one. When lilies are harvested professionally, arranged to perfection and delivered well, they will not only look and smell fantastic, but they'll symbolise all that you intend, long into the future. With creative flair and professional attention, your lilies will arrive fresh and beautiful, just as nature intended.