Important Questions to Ask a Removals Company

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Important Questions to Ask a Removals Company

15 January 2018
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For many people, moving can be very stressful, even if you're just moving across town and only have a small amount of "stuff" to take with you. Packing items properly, ensuring they're secure in a truck or van and then actually unpacking and setting up a new residence can be more work than is manageable for you, which is why it's good to hire a removals company. Their services can make the move far less stressful for you overall. Note a few questions you might ask such a company when hiring them so you know all the details involved and can ensure all your "stuff" is handled properly.


Always ask about how much notice you need to give for a scheduled move, as it may surprise you to find out how quickly such companies get booked, especially during months with milder weather. Never assume you can wait until a few days or even weeks before your move to call a removalist, but ask them well ahead of time how much notice is needed, and then make your reservation accordingly.


Many removalists will come to your home a week or so before your move and take an inventory of your items. They then schedule their first day of packing, depending on the amount of things to be moved. This is important for you to understand, as a removalist may need to start a day or two before the actual move in order to properly pack items, dismantle furniture pieces, remove items from the wall, and the like. The more items you have, the more lead time they will need to get this done. Don't assume they'll simply show up the day of the move and be able to pack everything, but be prepared for the entire process to take several days, and ask about this schedule ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly.

Ask about packing your own items

No doubt you'll want to pack some personal items yourself, and putting everyday clothes and linens in boxes is a job that most people can handle on their own. However, it's always good to ask about what you shouldn't pack on your own, as a removalist may want to handle furniture pieces and other such items that need added care. They will also want to ensure such items are secure in their truck, and this can mean packing and preparing them in a particular way. Rather than assuming you should pack everything yourself, always ask their recommendations first.