Switching Up a Rental Kitchen Design without Jeopardising Your Deposit

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Switching Up a Rental Kitchen Design without Jeopardising Your Deposit

16 January 2018
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The thing about being a renter is that there is always the possibility that some parts of the home will not be your exact preference. Although you could brush this off in some areas of the house, having a kitchen design that is not appealing to you could end up becoming the bane of your existence. However, since renters do not want to put their rental deposit at risk by making permanent changes, some people just opt to live with their unsavoury kitchen design. Luckily, this does not have to be the case with you. Here are tips you could utilise to switch up a rental kitchen design without jeopardising your deposit.

Tip 1: Install new hardware

Hardware fixtures are usually underrated in the kitchen, but they can have a huge influence on the overall feel of the space. Therefore, they make the best place to start when looking to add your style to your kitchen design. By swapping out the fixtures to your preference, you get the opportunity to add a unique design element that would help inject the theme that you would want for the space. For instance, if the kitchen has plastic knobs and handles but you would like a rustic country style theme, you could swap them for brass fixtures.

Tip 2: Introduce new accessories

Not many people think about accessorising their kitchen, as this is usually associated with a living space. Nonetheless, the same way that accessories can make your living room feel homey, they can have the same effect in your kitchen. One of the first places to start would be the walls. Hanging up a tapestry or mounting some personal pictures in the space would introduce an entirely new visual element into the kitchen. If you are unhappy with the benchtops in the kitchen, have a contractor install for you a butcher block over the countertops, which would function as a chopping board, protect the underlying benchtop and be easily removable when you move out. Lastly, include some miniature planters with either herbs or succulents on your windows that would bring the outdoors inside.

Tip 3: Apply temporary wallpaper

One of the costs that are deducted from your rental deposit is painting. Thus, some people would rather not change the colour of their kitchen in an attempt to retain the entire amount of their down payment. An excellent solution for this is temporary wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is available in a wide selection of colours, patterns and textures to help you curate an overall theme that suits you without it being a permanent solution.