Essential Care Tips for Your Ride-On Mower

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Essential Care Tips for Your Ride-On Mower

18 January 2018
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Ride-on mowers have become a much sought-after piece of lawn-care equipment as they significantly transform what was previously a laborious task into a fun and easy chore. Moreover, if you purchase a ride-on mower with additional features such as mulching and grass collection, you find that caring for your landscape becomes a breeze. Nonetheless, these pieces of machinery do need special attention if they are to stay functional for the long-term. Overlooking your mower care and maintenance will lead to unnecessary malfunctions and can decrease the lifespan of your equipment. Here are some essential care tips for your ride-on mower that will keep it in astounding condition.

Tip 1: Inspect and tighten fasteners routinely

Although it easy to just get on your ride-on mower and rev up the engine every single time your grass needs trimming, you would be best advised to carry out an inspection as often as you can. A thorough review gives you the chance to take note of anything that seems off-kilter and address it before it escalates into a serious problem. Before the inspection, start by disconnecting the battery or the spark plugs so that there is no power being provided to the mower. Secondly, examine all the fasteners and tighten them as need be. Lastly, pay close attention to all the safety devices of the mower to ascertain they are in excellent condition.

Tip 2: Thoroughly clean the ride-on mower

Cleaning your ride-on mower is not exclusively about washing the exterior to eliminate any mud splashes it may have acquired. You have to take it a step further clean out the underside too. With prolonged use, grass clippings begin to accumulate at the underside. If left unencumbered, the clippings can gradually make their way into the discharge chute of the mower and clog it. This clogging can cause severe problems with the operation of your equipment. To clean the underside, use a stiff brush to get rid of any clumps that have formed on the surface of the mower. Conclude by hosing down the underside with some water. Take note that just as when inspecting the fasteners, all electrical connections should be disconnected before you clean the equipment.

Tip 3: Examine and clean the air filter

The air filter is critical as it works to keep debris away from the mower's engine. However, some homeowners tend to forget this maintenance measure, particularly if they do not fancy themselves an avid DIYer. Fortunately, cleaning out the filter is not a complicated job. All you need to do is remove it from the mower and wash it out with some water to get rid of the particles and clippings that may have collected inside it. It is also advisable to replace the filter at least annually.

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