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22 January 2018
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Shade sails are an exciting way to add a great look to a home, business, institution even a playground. Shade sails can protect up to 95% against harmful ultraviolet rays.  Coastal shade sails make a variety of wonderful sails with different colors and designs.  Shade sails are usually made out of polyethylene fabric that is woven tightly. Despite the materials, shade sails look classy and elegant. They can be used for outdoor event or as a patio extension.

Types of Coastal Shade Sails

Basic Shade Sails

The shade sail is the most used type of coastal shade sails. It is made to withstand the harsh sun and because of this property, it has a number of uses. Coastal shade sails can help install shade sails in the following areas.

  1. Driveway

Shade sails can be used in your driveway to offer protection from harsh weather conditions. The sails are elegant and stylish the can enhance the outdoor ambience while acting as a patio or carport. They can also be used to create shade for outdoor parking.

  1. Verandahs

The sun is not only harmful to your skin but also your furniture. Sun exposure can fade your furniture, carpet and wooden floors. The sun can also increase the temperatures in your house. Installing shade sails around awnings of the house can reduce the temperature of your house; reduce glare and the penetration of UV rays.

  1. Outdoor Activities

People love to spend time outside spend time outside when it's sunny. Use coastal shade sails to create outdoor rooms for family dining, office break areas or even a shade sail umbrella by the pool.With many designs and colors available, you can design exquisite outdoor rooms with simple roof- like coverings.

  1. Safe Playgrounds

Every parent wants to protect their children from harm. Shade sails can provide protection from UV rays for kids while playing. Due to their different shapes, sizes colors and designs, they can be used to design school and public playgrounds.

Waterproof shade sails

These shades are made to withstand any weather. They are ideal for people living in the coastal regions or areas that experience a lot of rain.  Waterproof shade sails are made of high-density polyethylene fabric. The fabric has a waterproof membrane and a low-density polyethylene coating. This makes sure the shade does not leak any water. It also offers up to 99% protection from UV rays.

Coastal shade sails are a great way to enjoy the outdoor and enjoy protection from the sun. They are diverse and can cater for personal, institution or business needs for shade.