Guidelines on how to install a shade sail over your poolside bed

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Guidelines on how to install a shade sail over your poolside bed

5 February 2018
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Summer is one of the best seasons to bask in our outdoors and enjoy a swim in the pool. However, there are times when the sun can get excessively hot, and when this happens, you are forced to deny yourself the beautiful outdoors for fear of sunburn and dehydration. When compared to awnings, shade sails are easier to install, efficient and very cheap. However, you will need to follow proper guidelines if you want to enjoy maximum sun protection from your shade sails.

Planning the installation

You start by assessing the area around the back porch or the pool for the best structures which you can attach it on. For instance, you could decide to connect one of the sides on the back wall of your house, and the two other ends on poles. If you choose to use wood, make sure that is has been pressure treated to withstand weather elements and also pests such as termites. If you are not sure about the other accessories such as concrete and pave base, speak to an expert in construction to make proper recommendations.

Getting the land ready

Before fixing the shade sail, you need to erect the wooden poles and fix the other pegs where you will attach the sail to the house. You also need to measure the area of the backyard that you intend to cover with the sail and buy a sale of appropriate dimensions. Remember that when you are spacing the mounting fixtures, they have to be a little farther apart than the length of the material to allow some tension on the fabric.

Fixing the sail

You can choose to attach the sail in a horizontal position, or you can decide to have some high-low installation. In this pattern, one of the sides will be sloppier than the other, which is ideal for draining rainwater from the shelter. Also, before installing the shade, consider leaving some space for the barbecue or any other structure which needs open space. Use the correct fasteners to attach the sail to the support system. When you have completed the entire process, check to see if the resulting structure is sturdy enough or there is the need for adjustments.

Getting a shade sail for your backyard will give you a much-needed shade in this summer heat. If you are looking for some back porch shelter, and your budget is tight, this is one option which could be perfect for you.