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Hello! My name is Norma. I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to my blog. Having a home which you enjoy living in is very important. After all, you spend a lot of your life at home. When I retired, I decided I was going to make my home into a palace. I called in a team of building and garden contractors and planned out the changes I would like to make. I am so pleased with the result of the work, I decided I would start this blog so I could continue to explore my new found passion.



21 February 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Your kitchen is the hub of your home and the centre not only of sustenance but of gatherings with family and friends. If you're one of the many homeowners planning a kitchen remodel this year, you'll want your new kitchen to reflect the best of the design elements and trends on today's market, and this year it's all about colour. So here are the top picks for 2018.


Don't be afraid. Colour is making a splash this year with the hottest kitchens pairing neutral, natural and dark palettes with bolder shades. You'll enjoy:

  • Greens. This year you'll see a continuation of last year's favourite, forest green, as well as sage and a softer mint green dubbed petrol.

  • Blue. The richer the better, blue is making a comeback in shades from peacock to royal blue and deep navy.

  • Orange. Often paired with darker contrasting colours, feel free to enjoy designing with orange shades from a strong and bright true orange to saffron yellow and gentle clays, terracottas and hennas.

  • Greys. Enjoy playing with shades of grey, from concrete tones to charcoal and black, creating a dark base from which to show off your brighter and bolder colour choices.

  • Metallics. Metal-inspired colours are shaping up to be huge this year, and you'll notice coppers and golds applied to everything from painted surfaces to kitchen benchtops, and even electroplated onto interest pieces such as vintage pots and pans.


Interior designers may look like they're letting loose this year, but, as always, the leading kitchens are strategically planned. The most admired designs of the year so far display one feature colour that makes sense in the unique environment or atmosphere of the home. Using darker and more natural shades throughout the rest of the kitchen, this feature colour is brought into prominence, making a significant impact.

Here are some great examples.

  • A kitchen island in bold saffron, amid a kitchen of somber greys. The bright and friendly yellow of the bench brings this centrepoint of the kitchen into focus, inviting friends and family to gather around and join in all the mess and action of preparing and enjoying food together.

  • Brilliant blue kitchen cabinets paired with traditional appliances and benchtops in neutral tones.

  • Rich, henna-red cabinetry against stark black benchtops. To enhance the red here, even salad bowls, vases and other elements of interest adhere to the dark colour scheme.

This year it's all about contrast. So dig deep and choose a colour that sets the true mood or conjures up the ideal vibe to reflect your home or family. Show it off against a dark or neutral palette and you'll have the perfect colourful kitchen.