Three Practical Tips for Selecting Plants from a Nursery

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Three Practical Tips for Selecting Plants from a Nursery

20 March 2018
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If you are planning on enhancing your home landscape with some flowers, you should think about purchasing plants from a nursery instead of attempting to use cultivars or seeds. Nursery supplies will allow you to enjoy your efforts immediately, and the maintenance processes will be simple. However, you should note that the success of your garden will depend on your choice of plants. If you choose unhealthy plants, they will require more time to become established. Here are some practical tips on choosing vigorous plants for your landscape.

Check the Condition of the Foliage

You should check the leaves before choosing a plant from the nursery. The foliage is an important indicator of the health status of the plant. Ideally, the leaves should be green and lush. This vigorous appearance shows that sufficient nutrients, sunlight and water are provided. You should not choose plants with yellowing or wilted foliage. Typically, these are signs of insufficient water or exposure to unfavourable growth conditions. In some cases, the flowers will recover after proper care. However, if the plants were highly stressed, they might not grow as expected.

Evaluate the Shape of the Plant

You should examine the general shape of the plant before purchase. The shape will determine the visual impact of the flower; this is an important aspect for landscaping flora. Moreover, the shape can help you assess the health status of your preferred plants. In general, it is advisable to choose compact plants. Compact flowers are fuller and have more branches. Therefore, their appearance is beautiful, and you will have more options for shaping and trimming as they grow. You should avoid tall plants with sparse branches and a spindly look. Such plants gain this shape because they need to stretch out for more sunlight. The insufficient exposure to sun means that they are unhealthy since they could not create enough food.

Avoid Weeds and Pests

You should check the containers for weeds before buying your chosen flower. If you purchase a flower with an alien plant growing beside it, you could introduce a problematic weed into your garden. As a result, you might have to dedicate more time to maintenance. Moreover, it is important to note that weeds in plant containers indicate poor care in the nursery. It is also advisable to ensure that the plant is free of pests. Common warning signs include blackened spots on leaves, mushy stems and holes.