2 Ways an Interior Consultant Will Help to Make Your Renovation Project a Success

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2 Ways an Interior Consultant Will Help to Make Your Renovation Project a Success

24 April 2018
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Renovating an older home is an exciting and challenging project. It can also feel a little overwhelming when you're faced with the plethora of decisions and choices you'll need to make in the process. With so many different looks, materials and colour schemes available these days, it can be very difficult to coordinate all of these things into a successful and cohesive finished product, particularly if you're inexperienced in all things interior design related.

In this scenario, enlisting the services of an interior consulting services can be a very worthwhile investment. Here are two important aspects to creating a successful look in your renovated home that an interior consultant will be able to help you with.

1. Colour scheme for paint

Paint choice is a very important but often overlooked element in creating a successful design for your home's interior. Colour can help to create the right mood, brighten rooms that have limited amounts of natural light and tie all of the other interior features together perfectly.

Even if you're planning to go for a light and neutral look for your paintwork, there's still an art to pulling this off. Light doesn't simply mean wall-to-wall white, you can use variations of whites, creams and soft versions of greys, blues and pinks to create a subtle yet stunning look.

2. Mixing old and new furniture

Many people are concerned that an interior consultant will come in and demand that all of their old furniture be abandoned and replaced with brand new versions. For the most part, this is a highly inaccurate perception. While your consultant may suggest a few new pieces, they'll also work with what you already have to come up with an optimum furniture plan for your home.

Sometimes, older furniture can be given a new lease on life with a resurfacing, reupholstering or a paint job. Often, furniture can look and feel brand new by simply rethinking where each piece sits in a room and how it's styled with inexpensive items such as cushions, tablecloths or ornaments.

If you have particularly beloved items, your consultant can actually plan the rest of the design to incorporate them. The entire look of a room can be formed with an antique dining table, vintage floral sofa or an ornate, ethnic sideboard or bookshelf as the inspiration.

Here are just two ways that an interior consultant can help you with your renovation project. Contact various consulting services to learn more about your options.