Why Alarms and Cameras May Not Be Enough to Protect Your Home

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Why Alarms and Cameras May Not Be Enough to Protect Your Home

29 June 2018
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Have you been lulled into a false sense of security by a recently fitted burglar alarm or the latest specification CCTV system? You may have invested a reasonable amount of money in these devices to help protect your home, but their use, by themselves, may not be enough. Why do need to add another layer to help protect your fortress?

What Criminals Look for

If you spend quite a lot of time away from your home due to work or other commitments, then there is every likelihood that an enterprising crook has already "cased" your property.

Some career criminals make a habit of driving around neighbourhoods and ranking each home based on potential. They may certainly make a note of a CCTV camera or an external alarm, while they will likely discount any that have a particularly ferocious dog in the garden.

However, if they notice that one particular property — perhaps yours — seems to be vacant at certain times of the day (as it sits in darkness with no lights on), then they may rub their hands in anticipation.

Why They're Coming in Anyway

Not every criminal will be discouraged at the sight of a camera or by the sound of an alarm. Some of them can work very quickly and will be out of there before the authorities arrive. Many of them know how to shield their identity so that they cannot be recognised by those sophisticated 4G camera systems.

What Doors and Grilles Are for

When you look at the situation like this, it makes you wonder what you can do. This is where security doors and grilles come into the picture, as they provide a very visible deterrent that is almost certain to deter the bad guy from the outset.

Why They Look Good on Your Home

Remember, these doors and window grilles can be custom fitted for your home, and they are highly resistant to damage or impact. They're also designed to be attractive, so that they fit in with the look and feel of your house. If you're worried that they will be more of an eyesore than anything else, then you can rest at ease.

How They Add Protection

Your job should be to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to enter your home without your permission. To make sure that you are as protected as possible, you should think about installing security doors and grilles as soon as possible. There are several companies close by that can help you achieve this, so pick up the phone and make the first call.