Common Pests and How They Are Treated

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Common Pests and How They Are Treated

23 October 2018
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There are a number of pests that can live in or around your property. The treatment used will depend on the pest. The three most common pests are ants, bed bugs and termites.

Signs of ants

If you observe a large number of ants in or around your property, you may have an ant infestation. You may also notice an ant nest, which looks like a small dirt mound. However, some types of ants make nests in walls or darker places, so these nests will be less likely to be observed.

Ant treatment

There are products that you can buy to control ant infestations at home. If these do not work, or if the infestation is large, a professional can help. They can use insecticides to stop the ants. The treatment will likely be one that targets the specific ant species that has invaded your home.

Signs of bed bugs

Indications of a bed bug infestation include dark stains or spots of blood on your mattress or a strong sweet scent. You may also notice live bed bugs or their shedding.

Bed bugs treatment

You should wash infested products at a high temperature and vacuum regularly. If bed bugs are still invading your property, you should hire a professional. Professional treatments include the use of heat or chemicals to tackle the bed bugs throughout their lifecycle.

Signs of termites

Termites consume timber, which leaves behind a thin veneer. When you tap or knock the area that has been infested with termites, it may sound hollow due to the absence of some of the timber. Another indication of a termite infestation in features such as the skirting, architrave or door becoming easily damaged when pressure is placed against them. This is because termites weaken the structure of wooden features.

Termite treatment

Termites should be treated by a professional. There are three main types of treatment for tackling termites. These are in-ground monitoring and baiting, above-ground baiting and chemical barriers. In-ground monitoring and baiting is a method that uses termite bait stations, which are placed around the property. The professional will regularly check these stations for signs of termites, and once these are detected, a bait is added. The termites consume the bait and carry it to the nest. The toxicity of the bait is distributed to the other colony members, which then eliminates the colony. Above-ground baiting also uses baiting stations, but these are located within the property and the bait is not toxic to pets or children. The use of a chemical barrier prevents termites from damaging your property and eventually removes the termites. It also offers long-term protection from future termite infestations.

For more information, contact a pest control professional.