The Three Major Materials Used For Shutters And Why They Matter

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The Three Major Materials Used For Shutters And Why They Matter

1 April 2020
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Shutters are a very common form of window dressing that can be used to control the light, wind and heat from the outside coming in. They also look great, are very easy to install and come in many different designs. If you are considering shutters, there is one big decision that you have to make that separates most different types: the material. Shutters come in three major material types, and it is important you choose the one that is best aligned with your home's geographic location and that meets your financial situation.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are the most classic-looking material that shutters come in. Wooden shutters have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Wood is easy to shape into elaborate designs, has an inherent natural quality that people feel attracted to and, when treated, can last for decades. However, genuine wooden shutters can also be quite expensive, especially in rarer types of woods that have richer colours (which most people look for when buying based purely on aesthetics) so you should temper your expectations if on a budget. This is doubly true if you live in far northeastern Australia where wood is more likely to age poorly due to humidity. 

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are growing in popularity because they mimic qualities of wooden shutters (such as the shape and colour) while also being cheaper and better suited to wet and coastal regions. They are often made of a blend of plastic and metal supports which make them very strong. They also are very easy to find in nearly any home and garden store around the country, and this availability means that they are great for instant repairs and upgrades. If you want a type of shutter system that won't cost you lots and still looks great, you cannot pass up vinyl shutters.

Engineered Wood Shutters

Engineered wood shutters offer a good medium between vinyl shutters and traditional wooden shutters. Engineered wood incorporates a wooden veneer (often from recycled wood which would otherwise be discarded) with a core of a composite material. This makes the shutters feel like wood when you knock on them but gives them the environmental advantages that vinyl shutters have. For those that want the look and feel of wood without the cost or maintenance requirements, engineered wood presents itself as a viable alternative. Engineered wood is very commonly found in most home and garden stores with a variety of colours and styles, although plantation variants are the most common and widely sought after and look great on large, open windows. 

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