Why Shutters Are Underrated

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Why Shutters Are Underrated

29 July 2020
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When it comes to window coverings, most people will immediately gravitate towards blinds or curtains, and while those are two great options, shutters are often left behind for one reason or another. This is unfortunate because for many people shutters can be an excellent option that suits the styles of their homes better than the alternatives. However, it is not all about style, and there are a lot of other reasons why shutters are underrated.

Here are three ways in which shutters are underrated and why you should consider them for your next upgrade.

Sustainably Sourced And Environmentally Friendly

One great thing about shutters is that a lot of them are made out of sustainably-sourced materials, in particular, wood. This is in stark contrast to many blinds and curtains which are made out of synthetic materials in order to attain their look. Wooden shutters, on the other hand, have been around for a long time and are still popular all throughout the world. If ensuring that you have as little impact on the environment is important to you, then you cannot go past shutters when it comes to your window dressing.

Quick And Easy To Install

Shutters do not take a very long time to install, and most people can do it on their own without any expert help at all. There are no complicated runner systems or large mechanisms that you need to fit perfectly into place. Instead, you just have the shutters themselves, which come in any size you need in order to suit your windows. They even come in larger frames for people who want door shutters or those reminiscent of a plantation. No matter what size, shape or material, shutters are some of the fastest additions to install on your home.

Simple To Maintain

Shutters do not require constant maintenance or special chemicals to clean. All you need is a wet cloth and a bit of elbow grease, and you will have dust-free shutters year-round. If you hate throwing your curtains into the wash or spending ages trying to delicately clean each pane on your blinds, then you need to swap to shutters. Shutters also have far fewer mechanical problems than the alternatives because there are fewer moving parts. If you want a reliable, workhorse-like window dressing that you don't need to spend hours maintaining every few months, then shutters are a perfect alternative to blinds or curtains.