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Hello! My name is Norma. I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to my blog. Having a home which you enjoy living in is very important. After all, you spend a lot of your life at home. When I retired, I decided I was going to make my home into a palace. I called in a team of building and garden contractors and planned out the changes I would like to make. I am so pleased with the result of the work, I decided I would start this blog so I could continue to explore my new found passion.


The Three Major Materials Used For Shutters And Why They Matter

1 April 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Shutters are a very common form of window dressing that can be used to control the light, wind and heat from the outside coming in. They also look great, are very easy to install and come in many different designs. If you are considering shutters, there is one big decision that you have to make that separates most different types: the material. Shutters come in three major material types, and it is important you choose the one that is best aligned with your home's geographic location and that meets your financial situation. Read More …

Top 4 Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make With Kitchen Renovations

21 February 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Planning for your kitchen renovations project and getting the work started can be quite exciting. Unfortunately, a few pitfalls may stand in the way of achieving the best out of your project both in the here and now, as well as in the future. Highlighted below are some of these pitfalls that you should be careful to avoid, regardless of the specific kitchen renovations you are planning. Leaving Out The Experts Read More …

Common Pests and How They Are Treated

23 October 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

There are a number of pests that can live in or around your property. The treatment used will depend on the pest. The three most common pests are ants, bed bugs and termites. Signs of ants If you observe a large number of ants in or around your property, you may have an ant infestation. You may also notice an ant nest, which looks like a small dirt mound. However, some types of ants make nests in walls or darker places, so these nests will be less likely to be observed. Read More …

Factors you should consider when starting a wholesale tree nursery

26 September 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When you are starting any business, most experts will advise you start small and grow your business as time goes by. Notably, when you want to start the business of growing plants and supplying them to various retailers, the word 'small' becomes somewhat relative. Wholesaling is in itself a large business venture that should be executed carefully aside from the licences and permits required. Below are some areas that you need to focus on when considering starting a wholesale tree nursery. Read More …

2 Kitchen Elements That Are Worth Investing in When Renovating

10 September 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, then you no doubt have a wishlist in mind when it comes to the look and the features of your new space. Unfortunately, the ultimate kitchen of your dreams will probably also come with a hefty price tag that probably won't match up to the reality of your budget. For this reason, your kitchen remodelling project, like many other Australian homeowners', is likely to be made up of compromises over what you want and what you can actually afford. Read More …